Enrichment Classes

Valley Homeschool Co-op offers collaborative, project-based and hands-on enrichment style classes for our student members from primary through high-school age.  Students are broken into multi-age groups and attend four parent-led classes under the scope of the following categories: Arts, STEM, Gameschooling & Unit Studies. Actual class offerings vary from semester to semester but all classes fall under these categories and adhere to Valley Co-op’s vision for enrichment-style learning.


Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and even Language Arts fall into this category. Let’s get our creative juices flowing! Arts Classes can include: Theatre, Drawing, Painting, Foreign Language, Singing, Photography, and Dancing.


Classes based on the idea of engaging students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Classes may be collaborative and project-based encouraging students to solve real-world problems. These classes have a lot of potential for hands-on learning.  Examples of STEM classes include: Inventions/Inventors, Building Challenges, LEGO, Deconstruction, Natural Disasters and Weather, etc.

Game Schooling

Gameschooling is learning through games! These types of classes include: Board Games, Strategy Games, Logic Puzzles, Co-operative Gaming, Storytelling and Role-Play, and even Physical Fitness.

Unit Studies

Unit studies provide a hands-on approach to learning incorporating multiple subject areas to learn about a theme or topic.  Unit studies takes a topic, such as Medieval History, and delves deeply into it.  In the case of Medieval History classes could read historical works of fiction, build mini catapults and trebuchets, study knights, armor and heraldry creating their own poster board family crests.  The possibilities are endless!


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